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Dérma Department prides itself on Australian designed garments with premium quality, ensuring that each piece is expertly crafted with care, precision and superior fabrications. 

Our clients understand the importance of investing in quality timeless pieces. Therefore the longevity of your leather garment requires some regular care. 

We recommend; 

  • Purchasing a leather surface protector. Apply first before wearing, and every couple of months if regularly worn
  • Dry clean annually by a cleaner who specialises in leather garments
  • Remove marks with a damply wet cloth and gently pat area
  • Keep leather away from sunlight when stored as it may discolour 
  • Store jacket on a hanger to keep it well shaped
  • If leather gets wet from the rain, we recommend placing on a towel and allowing the garment to dry on its own before restored on hanger. Please do not use a hair dryer or any other form of heat.

With the tips above, we still highly recommend that the best way to take care of your Dérma garment is to allow a Professional Specialising Leather Dry Cleaner to assess and determine the best cleaning and maintenance methods.